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ATI Omega Drivers 4.8.442

Die ATI Omega Treiber sind mit allen ATI Radeon Grafikkarten kompatibel:

All In Wonder Radeons
Radeon 7x00/VE/LE
Radeon 8500/LE
Radeon 9x00/SE/PRO/XT/TX
Radeon x800/SE/Pro/XT/PE
All Mobility Radeons (M6 and up)

Dies sind die Änderungen in der Version 2.6.75:
Based on the Catalyst 5.10a Beta drivers.
Added support for x1800 cards.
Enabled Adaptive AA by default for x1800 cards, disabled for the rest.
Added 1280x800 resolution for both laptop and desktop cards.
Reconstructed some tweaks to prevent any future compatibility issues.
Fixed some minor resolution conflicts for laptops and integrated chipsets.
Fixed a "Deja-Vu" problem in the installer related to Multires. =D
Added the option to uninstall ATT, separate from the Omega uninstaller in the Start Menu.
Updated to ATI Tray Tools v1.0.4.780

Freeware für Win 2000 / XP                                                       Hersteller
Treiber für Windows 9x werden nicht mehr hergestellt.

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