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ACE Mega CoDecS Pack 6.03

This is the lastest and greatest release of famous ACE Mega CoDecS Pack. In this codec pack you will find plenty of usefull CoDecS (CoderS/DeCoderS), Media Player FilterS, Media Players and other UtilitieS. Also I added Authoring ToolS for video watchning, audio and video processing. In Add-On Pack you can found Authoring ToolS for content creation.

What's new in version 6.03:
* CoreAAC Filter updated
* XviD 1.1.0 updated
* DivX 5.20 updated
* BSPlayer 1.02.812 updated
* MPEGable AVC updated
* MPEGable Directshow Filters 2.1 updated
* Matroska Muxer updated
* Matroska Splitter updated
* DC-DSP Filter updated
+ Dirac Splitter added
* ffdshow 2004-10-12 updated
* MOD Source updated
* monkey Source updated
* OGGDropXPd 1.7.11 updated
* OGG Vorbis 1.1.0 updated
* Better browser support: Mozilla, Firefox, Opera and Netscape
* Improved installer
+ The Plug-in installer has integrated
+ Codec Pack searcher
* QuickTime 6.5.2 updated
* RealMedia updated
+ Az XviD Quantization matrices files is in SystemS\XviD\Quantization matrices folder
+ More XviD Quantization matrices
* Improved file externsion handling

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